Changes Coming – Music Schedule and Catalogue to Get an Update!

Starting this fall, we’ll be removing certain tracks in favor of new tracks and giving the radio station some new sounds. It’s definitely time for a bit of an overhaul. Just remember, you still have the opportunity to let us know which tracks are your favorite. If the tracks get enough likes, we’ll keep them! If not, well, you may not hear them for a while. As you let us know, we’ll be tracking this information over the next thirty days. We’ll let you know, each week, which tracks are on the “chopping block”. So, keep listening and let us know! You can rate our tracks using the following methods:


Look for this icon  in the lower right hand corner of the app. When you tap it, it should bring up the following menu:


As the track is playing, hover over the graphic above the track and you rate the track there. See the graphic below:


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