Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort | Walt Disney World Resort

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort | Walt Disney World Resort.

A lot of people tend to overlook the All-Star resorts when considering a Disney vacation. But what is it that you’re looking for? Do you spend a lot of time in the parks and only stay at the Disney resorts to take advantage of the dining plan? Or do you spend a lot of time at the resorts and only make it into the parks when you’re ready for some magic? These are the types of questions, I think, you should be asking yourself. My wife and I recently stayed at the All-Star Sports resort and it was actually quite nice. The only thing that we did not enjoy was that there was a cheerleading competition going on and the majority of the cheerleaders were staying at the resort. But it was only two days so it wasn’t that bad. We never ate or really spent any time at the resort so it was okay.

The advantage to staying at All-Star Sports, or any value resort, is that the grounds are not as spread out. So if you’re not really looking forward to a lot of walking at the end of a full day at the Magic Kingdom then this may be right for you. You have all the normal amenities that you would really need. It has a food court, souvenir shop, and swimming pool (no hot tub, unfortunately). So you’re really getting all that you need if you’re just a hard core parks traveler.

The disadvantages are that when going to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, or Downtown Disney, you end up sharing the motor coach with the other All-Star resorts. So the lines at the stations can get long depending on the time of day that you are boarding. Magic Kingdom as the stops separated so the lines are not as long at the end of the night. I can only imagine that Disney will likely make that change for all the parks.

Also, because the All-Star resorts are not as spread out as the other resorts, the noise level of children can be a little overwhelming at times.

However, the rooms are just fine and the price is a little more reasonable if you’re just looking for a place to lay your head inside the Disney World Resort. So don’t overlook the All-Star resorts right away. You may be surprised and save yourself some money in the process!


Disney Is Weighing Surge Pricing for Parks | TIME

Disney Is Weighing Surge Pricing for Parks | TIME.

It’s hard to fathom paying such high prices for peak days. The parks are expensive enough without having to charge fans high prices, simply because it’s a busy day. We already pay higher prices for the resorts during peak times. But that’s to be expected since that’s common place for the hospitality industry. So why bring this pricing structure to the parks?

Right now, a ticket to Disneyland runs about $99. The suggestion seems to be to raise that during peak times to $115. The normally priced $105 ticket to the Magic Kingdom in Disney World would be $125.

Hopefully the Walt Disney Company will reconsider instituting this plan and search for other alternatives.

Goofy’s Candy Company: Another Way to Take Home Magic

Goofy’s Candy Company | Walt Disney World Resort.

One of the things that my wife and I always do, before the end of a Disney vacation, is stop at Goofy’s Candy Company. The smell in there, alone, will tantalize any sweet tooth. What a lot of people don’t know is that if you’re on the dining plan, you can use your snack credits to pick up a nice Mickey Head Rice Krispie Pop or, my favorite, a bag of Goofy’s Assorted Sour Balls! One of the complaints that I hear from a lot of people that visit Disney and have the Dining Plan is that they have too many snack credits left. Well, if you do, then make your last stop on your trip to Goofy’s Candy Company. You won’t regret it!

BREAKING: Hangar in Disney Springs is an Indiana Jones Themed Restaurant, “Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar” Opens This Fall | WDW News Today

BREAKING: Hangar in Disney Springs is an Indiana Jones Themed Restaurant, “Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar” Opens This Fall | WDW News Today.

This is exciting for Indiana Jones fans. We’re definitely looking forward to this. Apparently, this will be opening later this fall and will be located next to Paradiso 37. It will be interesting to see if they have any souvenir glasses or plates. Either way, definitely looking forward to this.

What do you think of this new addition to Downtown Disney?

Top Ten Tracks Overall – Maelstrom Takes the Top Spot

Over the last thirty days it seems that there is a track that is the overall favorite. You, the listeners, have been giving the love for Maelstrom. The discontinued attraction is the overall favorite on Magic Kingdom Radio! So does anyone miss this attraction? We sure do. And remember that the spirit of Norway will always be adventure!

Here are the list of the top 10:

1. Norway – Maelstrom – Norway Pavilion 

2. The American Pavilion – The American Adventure – The American Pavilion

3.  Mickey’s Philharmagic – Full Show – Mickey’s Philharmagic

4.  Festival of Fantasy – Festival of Fantasy – Full Parade – Festival of Fantasy

5.  Disney Parks – It’s Tough To Be A Bug – Animal Kingdom

6. Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman – Carousel of Progress – Earlier Version – Carousel of Progress – Earlier Version

7. Disney World Parks – Wishes – Wishes

8. Various Artists – Disney’s Electrical Parade – Disney’s Electrical Parade

9. Magic Kingdom Entrance – Magic Kingdom Entrance – Part 2 – Magic Kingdom Entrance

10. George Wilkins – Horizons – Future World