Top Ten Tracks Overall – Maelstrom Takes the Top Spot

Over the last thirty days it seems that there is a track that is the overall favorite. You, the listeners, have been giving the love for Maelstrom. The discontinued attraction is the overall favorite on Magic Kingdom Radio! So does anyone miss this attraction? We sure do. And remember that the spirit of Norway will always be adventure!

Here are the list of the top 10:

1. Norway – Maelstrom – Norway Pavilion 

2. The American Pavilion – The American Adventure – The American Pavilion

3.  Mickey’s Philharmagic – Full Show – Mickey’s Philharmagic

4.  Festival of Fantasy – Festival of Fantasy – Full Parade – Festival of Fantasy

5.  Disney Parks – It’s Tough To Be A Bug – Animal Kingdom

6. Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman – Carousel of Progress – Earlier Version – Carousel of Progress – Earlier Version

7. Disney World Parks – Wishes – Wishes

8. Various Artists – Disney’s Electrical Parade – Disney’s Electrical Parade

9. Magic Kingdom Entrance – Magic Kingdom Entrance – Part 2 – Magic Kingdom Entrance

10. George Wilkins – Horizons – Future World


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