Top Ten Tracks This Week – Star Tours Area Loop is #1

We were actually surprised by the list, this week. There were some interesting choices for the favorites, this week. The Star Tours Area Loop takes the top spot with the Tomorrowland Area Music close behind. However, this week, Delta Dreamflight makes the top ten. This is the first appearance for this track! There also seems to be a lot of love for Big Thunder as two tracks from that attraction make the list. Here is a list of the full top 10:

1. Star Tours Area Loop

2. Tomorrowland Area Music

3. Magic Kingdom Entrance – Part 2

4. Soarin’ – Full Attraction

5. Disney’s Electrical Parade

6. Delta Dreamflight

7. Magic Kingdom Trolley Show

8. Big Rock Candy Mountain (Big Thunder area queue)

9. All Aboard the Mine Train (Big Thunder)

10. Jungle Cruise Queue #1


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