Time to Make Some Changes!


Hi everyone! We hope that all of you are wonderful and having a magical start to your summer! We’re sorry to have been so dormant over the last few months. And we know that the music playlists are getting a little predictable. We’re looking to change that!

A few months back, we mentioned that we were working on a Star Wars fan film. Well, we’re happy to say that the film is now complete and we’ll be focusing on changing up the playlists and schedules for the radio stations. You may have heard some new music intermittently added in to the regular rotation. Such as; Flight of Passage, Happily Ever After, and much more. However, what we would like to do is to do a better job of duplicating experiences and translating that into music. For instance, instead of just playing Illuminations, you’ll hear the pre-show music, the show, and the exit music. There will be plenty of other experiences like that as well.

We will also be looking to incorporate music from Disneyland Park as well! So we’ll be hard at work putting those playlists together. We want you to feel the same magic that we feel when we hear the sights and sounds of the park. So if there is specific music that you would like us to seek out, let us know!

Thanks for staying with us and we hope that you are still enjoying the station. Have magical day!



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