Handles are removed from Resort Refillable Mugs at Walt Disney World

The rumor mill has really been filling up lately. One of the rumors that we heard was that the refillable mugs were no longer going to have handles. That one seems to be true as evidenced by the picture above. Will this make a noticeable difference to you? The original blog post is below. Let us know your thoughts!

A new version of the resort refillable mugs has debuted at Saratoga Springs – this time, without a handle. The picture on the mugs is still the same and features Mickey and the gang in a red convertible heading through the archway into Walt Disney World.  According to resort managers, these handle-less mugs will roll out at other resorts based on guest feedback. Check out this thread on the DISboards to see what posters have to say about this change. It looks like opinions are mixed, though more seem to be in favor of bringing the handles back. Some people say getting rid of the handles makes them fit in car cup holders better. Many more say that they use the handles to carry multiple mugs at a time, filling them for the whole family in one trip. A lot of posters also mention using the handles to hang the mugs from their bags or strollers while in the park. The cost for the new mugs is $17.99, the same as the handled version, and they are currently available in green and purple.

Source: Handles are removed from Resort Refillable Mugs at Walt Disney World


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