Good News, Bad News

As many of you know, our radio station broadcasts through a third-party website called Live365. Many of you have the app on your mobile devices and visit the website to stream us on your computers. We, sincerely, hope that you’ve enjoyed the magic that we’ve been able to give to you all.

So here’s the bad news:

Many of you have received notices from Live365 regarding the status of the website. We followed up with them and found out that the website may be shutting down on January 31st. I’m sure this surprised you as much as it surprised us. Certainly a disappointment. So while it’s not official, it’s likely that Magic Kingdom Radio will no longer be played on Live365 beginning February 1st.

But there is good news:

You haven’t heard the last of us! We’re currently looking into other alternatives to bring you the same music you’ve enjoyed on our station. Possibly, even a solution where you can stream right from  So keep an eye on the website, Facebook Page, or Twitter account for updates. You have not heard the last of us! We will still be here for you!


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