Confirmed – Disney Quest To Close! – Disney Dining Information


via Confirmed – Disney Quest To Close! – Disney Dining Information.

This is something that doesn’t really come as a surprise. My wife and I have never been to Disney Quest. It never really appealed to us. I’m willing to be that it didn’t appeal to others either. I’ve never spoken to anyone that has given this a try because it’s always extra. If you’re a season pass-holder, you can get a discount. However, that’s pretty much it. It sounds as if this is being replaced by what’s referred to as “The NBA Experience” that will involve a new restaurant and store. Not sure how that’s going to be much better. But, I guess we’ll see.

Downtown Disney has been going through quite the extensive renovation. The location will soon be referred to as Disney Springs and we’re already seeing some of the changes. For those interested in the Marvel movies will enjoy the new Superhero Headquarters (I may have been there once or twice on my last trip). A month or so, we also mentioned the addition of an Indiana Jones themed restaurant.

What do you think of the changes that Disney has made, so far, in Downtown Disney?


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